If you are interested in being involved more in BARA, and particularly in being active
on future committees, please contact us. The current BARA Committee members are:

  • Kate Duffy: St Augustine's Court – Social Team Lead

  • Anna Davies: Browning Road -Treasurer

  • Janet Lee: Neighbourhood Watch

  • Doug Sheedy: Barclay Road – Vice-Chair, Membership, Treasury Team

  • Katy Smith: Harvey Road – Social & Safer Neighbourhoods Team Liaison

  • RoseMary Warrington: Mornington Road – Environmental Issues & Planning

  • Andy Irvine: Leybourne Road – Treasury Team, Epping Forest Liaison, Web

  • Ellie Ross: Barfield Road

  • James Cowen: Lister Road - The Bush Telegraph

  • Robyn Linden: Aylmer Road

  • Annette Loakes: Bushwood - Instagram